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Many people dream of building their own boat, but very few people actually do. This is because of the large time commitment required to complete a project of this magnitude.


PastedGraphic-1Yachtsmiths PEI can give your project a huge boost by building your boat to a sail/ motor away stage, with you getting to finish the interior the way you want.

There are several reasons why people get us to built to a state of partial completion, but there are two main reasons why it is a good idea.

  1. The hull construction is the dirty part, where you need a big shop and lots of expertise, not to mention that the average 50 foot yacht has over 2500 man hours in the hull construction.
  2. It is becoming more difficult to get a “homebuilt” boat insured. The insurance companies prefer to have a professionally built hull.


Please contact Brian to discuss further details….902-830-4410

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